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Kitchen Gadgets come in so many shapes, forms, and uses.  From simple knives with blades designed to make even the toughest meats cut like they were paper to the coolest and most innovative tools like our electronic wine opener.  We've found and listed some of our favorite devices to help you get the job done with minimal effort. 

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Want to make flavors really pop?  Add some zest!  This zester will quickly become one of your favorite kitchen gadgets.  Zest lemons, limes, and oranges to add to batters, dips, and sauces to really bring flavors alive. It also makes a perfect gift with it's ergonomic handle and design to relief pressure on the hands.

Featuring a power cut blade and single touch operation, Cuisinart combines style, convenience, and power in the Deluxe Can Opener. With beautiful chrome accents and elegant contours, the Deluxe Can Opener operates with a single-touch for effortless operation.

These grilling tools will be your best friend at the grill and the digital temperature fork will take the guesswork out of grilling. This Cuisinart 20-piece Deluxe Stainless Steel Grill Set is an excellent way to keep your essential grilling tools organized and within reach

Called the Ferrari of the pasta machine world by Cook's Illustrated, Marcato’s Original World-Famous Atlas Pasta Machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for making traditional Italian pasta at home. Roll dough up to 150-millimeters wide and quickly choose from 10 different thickness settings, between a paper-thin 0.6-millimeters to 4.8-millimeters, to personalize pasta on the fly to each recipe.